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COSEBOC Annual Gathering of Leaders
May 18-21, 2016
Jacob Javits Center, New York, NY

Wednesday Session For Principals Only

This session is a unique convening of principals from across the country interested in collaborating with other principals dedicated to accelerating progress for their boys of color.
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Thursday (3-hour sessions) 

  1. Smart is Something You Can Get: A Workshop About Full-On, High Expectations Teaching
  2. Underserved Learners: Conditions of College and Career Readiness and Best Practices for Meaningful Impact
  3. Expanding Success: How NYC Created District-Level Structures to Improve Academic and Youth Development Opportunities for Black and Latino Young Men

  4. Improving Educational and Life Outcomes: The Kingmakers of Oakland Unified School District

Thursday: (1.5-hour sessions) Block 1

  1. Aiming Boys of Color Toward Academic Success: Building Relationships that Work
  2. Improving Cultural Competence By Understanding Stereotype Threat and Microaggression
  3. Brother to Brother: The Blueprint for Establishing an Elementary Mentoring Program for Boys of Color
  4. Creating Conditions for Learning while Reducing Suspensions and Expulsions
  5. Connecting the Dots for Success in Working with Young Men of Color
  6. Critical Race Theory: A Critical Conversation to Close Achievement Gaps
  7. Supporting Boys of Color in an Anti-Hoodie Society: A Blueprint for Success
  8. The Boston Public Schools' Approach to Growing its Pool of Male Educators of Color
  9. Revolutionary Black Parenting: Protecting Black Genius
  10. Practical Strategies to Support Students Who are New Immigrants
  11. Accelerating Learning for Boys and Young Men of Color Through Criteria Analysis of Student Work
  12. Attracting the Future: "My Brain & Me" S.T.E.M. Course as a Working Model of COSEBOC Standards in the Classroom 
  13. Our Bodies: Complicated Intersections of Privilege and Marginalization 

  14. Coding is the New Black 
  15. Improving Educational and Life Outcomes: The Kingmakers of Oakland Unified School District (THIS HAS BEEN MOVED TO A 3-HOUR WORKSHOP)
  16. Better Outcomes with Mastery-Based Grading

Thursday (1.5-hour sessions) Block 2

  1. Maximizing Academic Outcomes of Young Men of Color in Urban Education

  2. The Five Lives of Boys: How Schools Help Boys Grow Into Men

  3. Exploring Peace: Using Peacemaking Circles to Strengthen Personal Connection and Youth Responsibility in School and Community

  4. Boys to Mentors

  5. Beyond the College Fair: Expanding College Access and Opportunity for First Generation Students

  6. Managing Chronic Stress in Urban Minority Youth

  7. Differentiated Professional Development for Male Teachers of Color

  8. Uncovering the Science Genius of Young Men of Color

  9. Don’t Pass Go: The Necessity and Utility of the Cultivation of Safe Spaces for Male Scholars of Color Within K-12 Environments

  10. Creating Restorative Schools: A Whole School Approach to Academic and Social-Emotional Learning and Development

  11. Using Football To Foster Resiliency and Academic Achievement For Young Men of Color

  12. Letters to Our Sons–Strengthening the Bond Between Fathers and Sons

  13. The Sankofa Curriculum: How an Urban High School Created a Curriculum That Affirms the Identity of Latino Young Men

  14. Supporting LGBTQ Young People of Color in Our School Communities

  15. An Introduction to the COSEBOC Standards & Promising Practices for Schools Educating Boys of Color
  16. Harnessing the Power and Potential of Homeless Male Scholars
  17. [NEW!] Courageous Conversations About Race: The Foundation for Framing the Narrative for Boys & Young Men of Color

Friday (1.5-hour sessions) Block 3

  1. Barbershop Books:  A Community-Based Approach to Promoting Early Literacy

  2. Philliber Study: The Impact of Mentoring

  3. Lessons from Ferguson: Leadership in Times of Civil Unrest

  4. Umoja Leaders Boys’ Camp: A Targeted, Researched-Based Intervention Program for At-Risk Boys of Color

  5. An Appropriate School Design Model for Boys of Color

  6. Relational Teaching with Black Boys: Strategies for Learning at a Single-Sex School for Boys of Color

  7. Navigating the Scholarship Maze

  8. Students’ Six: Students Teaching Teachers about Cultural Competence

  9. The Essential Elements of Developing Manhood

  10. Only the Strong Survive: but, None Survives Alone! Have You Lost YourSELF in the Process? Regain it Now!

  11. Creating Culturally Relevant Lessons that Empower Students and Ignite a Commitment to Social Justice

  12. Voices and Choices

  13. Young, Gifted, and Black: How to Support the Social-Emotional Needs of Black Boys in Gifted Education

  14. Maximizing Family Engagement for Student Academic Success

  15. Promoting a Social Justice Agenda Through PLCs

  16. An Introduction to the COSEBOC Standards & Promising Practices for Schools Educating Boys of Color

  17. Supporting Teachers Through Virtual Coaching

  18. New York City Young Men's Initiative

Saturday Session: Trauma in the Village

This special session will be expertly facilitated and highly interactive, ultimately seeking resolutions to trauma and mental well-being via clinical research, school and community based expertise, and the insights of the Village.
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COSEBOC thanks our sponsors who are generously supporting this gathering

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