Standards-Based Professional Development Services

COSEBOC Professional Development Services

The professional development of school leaders is an essential component of the academic success of boys and young men of color.

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Educators who are able to apply tested, innovative practices, policies and Standards that work, create learning environments where boys and young men of color improve their academic performance, forge stronger family and community bonds, and develop the emotional resilience to thrive.

How COSEBOC Can Help

COSEBOC offers consultation, structures and professional development services tailored to meet the needs of Pre-K-12 school leaders, and administrators in School Districts, private/charter schools and organizations focused on improving the academic achievement of boys and young men of color. Beginning with a three-step assessment process to address each school or district’s particular needs and priorities, COSEBOC provides the following services from large scale, district-wide consultation to small group, in-depth workshops. 


COSEBOC Standards
Seven Core Pillars Advancing Boys of Color

K-12 school leaders learn how to use the COSEBOC Standards as an assessment tool, gain knowledge of each core area, plus implementation methods and protocols for introducing the Standards and engaging colleagues.

Creating a Culturally Responsive Environment
School Environment and Climate

Participants explore their own assumptions about race, class, and culture and learn strategies to create environments that are culturally inviting to all. Participants also focus on the relationship between a teacher’s cultural competency and students’ achievement.

Restorative Practices – An Alternative to Zero Tolerance
School Guidance and Counseling

This course focuses on new intervention strategies to positively impact the disproportional rates of suspension of boys and young men of color. Educators evaluate traditional approaches to student discipline and school climate – including punishing individuals after wrongdoing to repairing harm and preventing its recurrence.

Want to Start a Rites of Passages Program?

This introductory workshop for K–12 schools targets leaders inter- ested in establishing a rites of passage program for their young men of color. The program addresses the positive development of young men and the value placed on their transformation as they reclaim their identity and confidence in their ability to forge ahead and succeed academically.

Developing an Impactful Home Visitation Program
Community and Family Engagement

COSEBOC in partnership with the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project offers a series of three workshops designed for Pre-K–12 schools and district leaders new to strategic organized home visit efforts and/ or planning to implement a home visitation program.

Part 1: Building, Bridging and Bonding Family Connection
Part 2: Understanding Culture: Closing the Achievement Gap
Part 3: Building Regional Project Teams


COSEBOC offers consulting services to organizations seeking to improve their educational impact. Our services include an assessment process to help school leaders determine the most effective strategies, resources and solutions for success. We work with states, school districts, and non-profit organizations across the country to develop structures, core systems and programs that significantly advance the academic achievement of boys and young men of color.

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