Ron Walker and Todd Anthony

The week of September 26, 2016: This has been a proud week for COSEBOC! Early in the week Ron Walker accepted the Asa Hilliard Award from Courageous Conversations, and later in the week...

Austin, Texas, September 25, 2016: Ron Walker has been awarded the Asa Hilliard Award at the 2016 National Summit of Courageous Conversation. All of us at COSEBOC, and especially Ron, are honored and humbled by this award. Asa Hilliard has deeply expanded and influenced our nation's understanding about racism, and COSEBOC feels the...

2nd Annual Carter G. Woodson Bowties & Pearls Brunch

The 2nd Annual Carter G. Woodson Bowties & Pearls Brunch, in celebration of Black Male Educators in the city of Boston, will be held on Saturday, June 25, 2016 @ 11:00am in the School Committee Chambers of the Bruce C. Bolling building. 

This event will recognize Black Male Educators, both in and outside the classroom, for their outstanding commitment to student achievement and success. These awardees have impacted thousands of students of all ages and backgrounds in the Boston area, and are enthusiastically looking to expand their reach. 


Colloquium on Black Males in Education in Kingston, Jamaica

Ron Walker, Rhonda Bryant and Kamau Ptah of COSEBOC will be participating in this colloquium on Black Males in Education in Kingston, Jamaica from October 6-9, 2015.

Ron's Keynote: Emboldening Black Male Youth through Promising Practices: The COSEBOC Story

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COSEBOC Passages

by Kamau Ptah

It is with great excitement that we launch this new blog through the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color (COSEBOC) centered on one of the most ancient transformative learning systems known as rite of passage. Our focus will be to present conceptual frameworks from this indigenous transformational method and explore effective practices that can be integrated into 21st Century schools, educational institutions, organizations and homes that are interested in creating the optimal educational and...

To the parents of Trayvon Martin
To the parents of Trayvon Martin,
I know that though time is said to heal all wounds, the loss of a child  may surely be the exception. On this the 3rd anniversary of the loss of your son Trayvon, on behalf of the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color, I send you both our prayers, well wishes and support. As a parent and a grandparent with grandsons, in Trayvons age range I can't imagine what it would feel like losing either of them.
I have followed the stories that have emerged over the three years and have seen both of you in...
Dec. 1, 2014: COSEBOC is pleased to to announce the recent interview with Ron Walker by Bill Daughtry of 'New York Sports and Beyond' on ESPN radio in New York City.  It aired several times over the weekend to a projected audience of 1 million listeners, and we are happy to extend this invitation to listen. 
Ron's segment begins at 27:43 on both links.
Click to listen here: ESPN Website Podcast or ...

Statement by Ron Walker, Executive Director, Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color (COSEBOC) Concerning Tragic Events in Ferguson

Nov. 25, 2014: “There are many lessons to be learned from the tragic events in Ferguson,” said Ron Walker, Executive Director of the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color, (COSEBOC).  “The death of Michael Brown, police response, and the community reaction show the critical importance of cultural competency, or how we relate to each other.  As educators, we know positive outcomes for...

Nov. 24, 2014: Today, President Obama is awarding a posthumous Medal of Honor to James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner. These three men were civil rights activists and participants in “Freedom Summer,” an historic voter registration drive in 1964. Their murder at the beginning of Freedom Summer galvanized the attention of the nation to the evil of racial oppression and the righteousness of their cause. 

White House Announcement of Medal of Honor...

November 13, 2014: This is an excerpt from today's Boston Globe. To read the full article, click here.

The report is being released today at a presentation and COSEBOC Executive Director, Ron Walker, is on panel responding to the report.

Black and Latino males are facing an educational...