Membership Levels

COSEBOC Membership Matters!

Join, or renew your membership to COSEBOC’s nationwide network to connect with colleagues who share your focus on building the strong learning environments that drive achievement. Learn about cutting-edge practices, network with other professionals, and share personal challenges and successes. Your decision to join COSEBOC will underscore your commitment to the future of our boys and young men of color. 

COSEBOC offers a variety of options to best fit the needs of individuals or groups, depending on the number of members you wish to include. Member benefits are available to all membership levels. 

  1. Individual Membership is for those who are looking for personal access to the COSEBOC network and resources. $275/year
  2. School/Organization Membership is directed toward a group of up to 5 like-minded individuals who aspire to become an internal learning community using the COSEBOC network and resources. $900
  3. Small District/Organization Membership (up to 20) $3500/year
    Large District/Organization Membership (up to 30) $5500/year
    These two levels are designed for those committed to learning and to institutional change in order to create high-quality educational environments that support all students, especially boys and young men of color. 

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