Standards and Promising Practices for Schools Educating Boys of Color

COSEBOC is proud to unveil the new and revised 4th edition of our key document, Standards for Schools Educating Boys of Color, the Uncommon Core

Boys of color, and their sisters, will soon comprise the majority of students in American schools, and those who educate them must become more accustomed to their social, emotional, cultural and academic needs. The Common Core spells out expectations to measure both what students know and what they can do. COSEBOC believes that another set of considerations is crucial to bridge the gap in achievement between males of color and all other groups and to create a pathway for vulnerable students toward opportunity in education, career, and personal achievement. 

Standards and Promising Practices of Schools Educating Boys of Color

These are the Standards for Schools Educating Boys of Color, the Uncommon Core

COSEBOC’s standards define seven core components necessary for effective schools:

  • School Leadership
  • Parent/Family/Community Engagement Partnership
  • School Organization
  • School Environment and Climate
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support

These core components provide important exemplars, indicators, references, and essential questions for schools and districts invested in equity and educational excellence, as well as a culturally responsive complement to the Common Core. Although these core standards provide support for all children, the Uncommon Core proves particularly relevant for boys of color. 

Further, the Uncommon Core provides an organizational framework and blueprint that identifies school and district practices which either advance or impede achievement. This framework builds a strong operational structure for schools and community groups necessary for successful learning outcomes. When implemented with fidelity, the Uncommon Core will set the foundation for exemplary, equitable, and healthy transformation of classroom, school, and district environments for all students and especially for boys and young men of color. Moreover, COSEBOC Standards: The Uncommon Core will create important opportunities for the courageous conversations essential for student success.

COSEBOC maintains a reputation for providing quality professional development services and programs as a destination of equity, cultural diversity and inclusion. COSEBOC consultants can help schools in using the Standards to conduct self-assessments; and they can serve as Lead Facilitators, members of the Self-Assessment Team, or advisors to the process. COSEBOC provides training and technical assistance to develop or implement improvement plans.

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