Young Men's Passage

The Young Men's Passage

For Boys and Young Men 13-18 Years Old
April 27 - 28, 2017

"We have the audacity and the will to grow our potential into communities' of excellence"

COSEBOC’s 11th Annual Gathering welcomes boys and young men to attend The Annual Young Men's Passage. This year's theme recognizes the legacy and ability of young men to create, innovate, and change the world. In this two day conference, our goal is to connect, build, and establish community exchanges between boys and young men that will be productive into their adulthood.  

During the conference, our boys and young men will have an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership on a national stage and realize the tremendous role they play in establishing an assenting reality for their generation and tomorrow’s boys and young men of color. Additionally, the youth itinerary features our groundbreaking:

  • Walk of Integrity
  • Brother’s Gonna Workout
  • College Tour and Life on Campus Conversations
  • What’s the Word
  • Manhood Workshops
  • Prepared Youth Presentations
  • Award Recognition
  • and a host of fun and educational evening activities centering around young boys and young men’s excellence

The Annual Young Men's Passage is designed to include the significant presence that boys and young men of color bring to the vision of re-imagining and transforming their educational experiences and overall quality of life. It is is an essential component to the COSEBOC Gathering, as it helps inspire and inform contemporary leaders on how to establish affirmative educational and socialization experiences for boys and young men of color.

We look forward to the attendance of our young men as we create and celebrate their work!